Monday, 8 March 2010

Age phrasing indicators

You can tell most things about someone who causes trouble by their second line reply Knowing what you're dealing with is useful.. This might not be 100% accurate but it is close.

To the question .. "Hi,.. What were you doing ?"

Age 12-14 "F*** off you F*tard C** "

Just a knee jerk response. The key point is the question gave no indication that they were under attack but knowing that they were 'being bad' they lash out not thinking they could talk their way out.

Age 14-18 "Oh F*** off. Ban me if you want " Or " Don't worry I won't be back here" ( making it sound like it was their choice to get banned )

Only teenagers do the ' I don't care/whateva ' sulk. Over the age of 18 people feel less invincible and become aware of the limitations of burning all bridges. ( 'Ban me I don't care' can be an indication the person is drunk. Alcohol takes away peoples fear of consequences ) After the teenage years people focus on achievement and ego replaces angst.

Age 18-35 " I wasn't doing a F***ing thing. they attacked ME !!!!! " Or "They had no sense of humour I was just having fun' Or even "That was RP F***tard"

Common phrases used my trolls. The feeling that they have a right to do what they do is self delusion to sooth feeling of inadequacy.An inflated sense of 'entitlement' is the root of most problems which you will never se in anyone younger. Be cautious of anyone using multiple exclamation marks ..This is a recognised indicator of mental illness.

Age 35-100 " Oh sorry it got out of hand,

Trolls have realised apologising can be a good smokescreen to allow them to continue. But generally 99% of people who apologise never do it again realising that you only asked to find out the situation overall.

As people get older their sense of themselves as the center of creation slowly fades until you find old people see themselves as part of the background and not the star of the stage.

You have to take a long view as to whether you ban a person but most of my decision is based on the second line of reply. Truth is if a person come in all fists and fury the best you can do is calm them down with assurance but they can't stop themselves doing it again. If you talk in reasonable terms then a ban is overreacting.

The hub doesn't really have rules or mods.. Rules are never read by people who break them and are unnecessary for the majority people who know right from wrong and would only feel patronised by rules.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

The MM board bubble bursts

Pop !..

I've been tracking the progress of the mm board groups as they game traffic using huge numbers of MM boards. I think this was the unforeseen consequence of banning campers which opened the door to new forms of traffic gaming to replace them. ( and many scammers who saw an opportunity )
Sooner than I expected the numbers of people chasing them has collapsed. For whatever reason the traffic of the two top sims using large numbers of MM boards has fallen by between 60 to 90% .. from 27k down to 3k in one case.
This was always going to be hardest on merchants who paid rentals on stores in 'high' traffic sims not realising to what extent it relied on a continual stream of freebies and a mob of eager hunters.
I hope merchants learn the lesson... traffic that rises fast always falls just as fast. Real traffic not based of tons of freebs rises at a rate of 5% max a month whatever you do. The hubs traffic started at 4 people on the fist day and has grown steadily over the last two years at an almost un wavering rate. It frustrates me that people think it just happened over night.. Even the best of ideas take a very long time to get established. ( exept if you shout ..Get it here it's all FREEEEEE lol )

GH 10

With the coming of the new hub I thought I'd use the blog to keep people informed. Notices get lost and telling people one by one .. Ugh

In brief .......

The New hub will be on the SAME SIM ( but on the ground )
  • It will feature a very different market which works in a totally new way
  • The map will be bigger and I'm going to allow sim owners to add their own LM and info
  • I'm adding a homestead sim next to the hub to take some traffic from it
  • The New hub will have far fewer prims and considerably fewer scripts ( less lag )
  • Many new features are being added but I'm not going to list them here.
  • March 20th is the date I hope to open ( this might slip )

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Back at the Blogface

Yes I've been away from the blog mine for many a day without so much as a whisper but reading my last few enties you can understand why I left it for a while..

The Hub has survived griefing, bad landlords, good landlords, well meaning helpers and people saying "OMG the laaaag" while sporting the the lag dispencer (health meter)
Pfft .. And as for Fabs,.. best not to mention her. ~cough~

I'm nor sure if Gor is in rude health or crawling through a desert of apathy in search of the lost fountain of traffic. The hub seems more and more like a watering hole in the Savannah these days The beasts all come from the wilderness to find other beasts who would normally avoid each other but needs must when the devil tampers with search.

The Hub remains 'Mature' despite the regulation which on closer examination appears to have been all hollow gesture.. The Lindens who could never be so concerned to ban the pervert at the telehub are unsurprisingly indifferent to following this 'gesture' through. Nothing has really changed in SL except the increasing use of bad language.. The Lindens are concerned for the adults in PG sims while the kids are flooding into the 'Adult areas'. Maybe when all the kids are safely watching porn in the 'Adult' zones the adults can get on with being adult in the rest of SL.


Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Poll and 'Migration'

In amongst the obvious questions is one that I think will determine the future of Gor.

"Would you prefer to RP on private sims and not get verified ?"

Already many have chosen to RP in private homes rather than join Gor sims. So if the migration away from designated 'Adult ' sims is accelerated by a significant number of Goreans who will not want to be verified where will that leave 'Adult Gor Sims' ?

The impact is not obvious but very serious simply because of available traffic. A non adult sim is open to all. An adult sims will have restricted access ( lower traffic ) . So where are the Merchants who subsidise Gor going to buy space ?.. If they sell non adult goods ( clothes, furniture etc ) then not in Gor because the traffic outside is going to be almost double.

As for RP only sims without a market. If you are with a group and one isn't verified do you stay outside or say goodbye ?

People are underestimating the significance of private homes but you might find many 'personal groups' of friends might grow larger and meet in private rather than have to get verified. How much of a shift would it take to force most Gor sims desperate for traffic and income to go out of business forever.

I have to view the Hub now as a Market and a resource in separate terms. The Market has little chance of surviving with the severely restricted traffic of an 'adult' sim. So I'm going to have to look at ways of saving both but separately.

The important thing is that if I just had a small parcel of 'mature' ( Not adult ) land and called it 'the RP hub' or even 'fabi's house' then ALL Goreans could still meet there and non adult Merchants could still reach a decent level of traffic. Possibly more traffic as many non verified people would have fewer options of where to go.

I can't avoid the map being classified 'adult' because it promotes 'Adult' activity ..So it has to remain in 'Gor' but the 'landing' is perhaps worth keeping outside.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The end ?

"First and foremost, Regions, groups, and event or classified ad listings that employ search tags plainly suggestive of adult behavior or content will require the respective Adult designation, and not be viewable to Residents who are not account verified."

Linden Labs

If Gor is classified as 'Adult' then it will be invisible to all but verified users .. importantly they are banning anyone advertising ar mentioning Gor outside Gor .

The problem with this is as I see it is why would you bother getting verified if you came into SL for a look and found a sanitised wilderness populated by club goers and shoppers. So sadly I think excluding alts and people who can't or won't bother getting verified the population of Gor will go down to a level that couldn't keep any market going for long.

Markets sell most of their goods to new people and to existing players equipping alts; the very portion of the population hit the most by these new rules.

Interesting thought .. If I called the hub my 'home' and kept it private ( group only ) ..could they stop me .. Even if I have 1500 friends .. I'll find out .. maybe.. but no market allowed.

"Will you store my personal information? Will it be kept private?

Absolutely no personal information that is supplied for age verification is stored or otherwise retained by Linden Lab or its verification partner Aristotle-Integrity. We keep only an indicator that tells us whether there was a positive match for the information you have provided.
Thus, this
information will be used only for the purpose of verifying that a Resident is an adult, and will not be transferred or retained unless that is required by law, i.e., pursuant to a law enforcement investigation and proper legal process."

Linden Labs

???? so won't be keeping any info but if asked you'll give the information you don't have to the Law ?? ... riiiight..

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The plan.....The GH7 building

I'm off for a good break from SL and then I'll replace the Hub .. The New Hub is more or less finished and ready to go but I'm so punchy I need to step back in order to add the final touches ..
I expect to demolish and replace the Hub ( GH 6 ) between the 8th April and the 10th .

Many merchants have asked about reservations but I'm not taking any. The new hub is not built in the same way as all the previous hubs so vendors need to be placed. I'm hoping into groups. The huge advantage of the new hub is that almost all the stalls have equal exposure. Although smaller than previous I've sacrificed scale to gain exposure on the principal that the thing everyone wants is to be seen by every visitor.. Better a small store in the flow of traffic than a huge store in splendid isolation.

While I build the new hub (actually I'm just rezzing it on site ) I'll divert all traffic to a large room above the Sim .. Advertisers who have boards will loose three days exposure while I rearrange them but most will find themselves better off as a result.


  • The 'wall' effect of ad boards around the landing has been diminished greatly.
  • The impression of 'This is just a big Mall' has been designed out.
  • The new Hub is far simpler and less confusing. 'land above the map, walk down'
  • Prims used in the old hub around 1200 .. New hub only 450 prims to reduce lag. 95% of them phantom.
  • Texture lag will be greatly reduced with 'shielding'. Textures far away that you couldn't read anyhow are eliminated reducing lag further.
  • All new hub building textures are low rez and made specially for it.
  • The new Map is square to make the northern sims more evenly noticeable and less squished .
  • The Landing is larger and is designed to separate groups rather than herd a mob into a certain portion of the landing.
  • The proportion of seating has been reassessed to make just enough is provided for the numbers who use it and people sitting can look out towards the landing.
  • The new hub is smaller and all the stalls closer. When traffic hits 1000 a day in late May then the less people have to walk the better.

There is is little more to the design than this but these were most of the main issues that had to be sorted out in any new design..

Friday, 13 March 2009

GH7 'sigh'

GH7 is almost done ....or it was until I realised i needed to completely redesign it .. I did like this design and i'll incorporate certain features into the next one but it's got to work. Nothings ever easy is it ~shlump~

'Mini hubs'

This first of 'Mini hubs' has been set up to test the concept. The Silk market will only sell Silks and camisks.
The advantages.
  • Almost no lag and fast loading of textures.
  • All products are easily found without missing a single one.
  • Easy and quick access to main stores from easily found map teleporters.
  • A merchant grouping when large enough should become a first port of call for anyone shopping for a specific product.

The Idea of grouping merchants has of course been tried before. I first realised the advantages two years ago. Unfortunately all previous attempts have either not been able to isolate a single group well enough and resorted to filling the market with just anything to make up the numbers or were part of a larger market so were lost in bad directional signage or lagged to oblivion.. I've come to believe the whole idea of a huge successful market is flawed by the simple fact that you can never have the volume of 'general' traffic on the same sim as 'general' merchandise. IE .. you need to get 50 avatars to find one person who wants to buy a eg,. a collar. Better as in mainstores to direct the right person to the thing they actually want to buy.

I have the volume of people coming to the hub already ( and traffic despite the lag is still rising ) so the challenge is simply to get people to the right market. To do this I'll make 20m wide showcase boothes right next to the Hub landing to advertise the various markets with a tp to them. I hope to include actual examples or in the case of the silk market 'models'. maybe who hand out notecards or LM's. With the huge prim saving and script reduction at the hub we can create far more interesting promotions .. 'roon sets' etc for furniture.

With the lag hurting sales in the market I'm moving this forward as fast as I can. This would not of course be remotely possible without the huge support of Hub Merchant group which is what makes the hub possible at all. I can sometimes hear the groans as I post another change but I hope everyone looks back and sees that together we've all come a very long way from where we started. I tried focused markets before over a year ago but couldn't get the numbers. I got 7 silk vendors after a week.. This time I got 19 in 4 hours. Good ideas have their time I guess and having them to early never works. When I first tried advertising I got blank looks 'advertising ? you mean ..make a graphic ?... to advertise our sim ?....oh "

it'll never catch on.......

Monday, 9 March 2009

Adding landmarks

Lartorvis Sweetwater has taken over the job of adding landmarks to the map. When the last map updater left I was left trying to cope with the market, the hub, the map and three new building projects..I can't do it all. I've told her she must add her tip jar to the map which she's agreed to but will give all the money to charity. The map desperately needs someone to focus on it as I used to be able to.

She couldn't have come to my rescue at a better time either. I missed an application for a landmark from last month and had two attacking me this morning. They've now taken it on themselves to mount a smear campaign against the hub, Salaria and most of the 'Disney' places on the map. This hateful, pissy place will not be added to the map any time soon not for any insult to me but to think they have a right to call the rest of Gor Disney. "You should learn Gor 'lil one or you will always be Disney Gor like places on your map " I didn't hold back from pointing out that 'lil one' is an onlinism from BDSM and BTW..I'm not the slave you seem to think I am to you... pffft

Lartorvis Sweetwater ironically had the same issue of not getting her landmark on the map but realised I was in trouble and instead of sneering and throwing peanuts from the gallery she stepped up to help.

The hub is free to anyone who wants to visit. It is whatever people make it and I suspect that's why many come.

Saturday, 28 February 2009

GH7 under construction

Just to update everyone and assure you things are moving despite various problems; I'm showing you pictures of the build site. The lag eased yesterday so I can get back to it properly. I try endless possibilities around basic you can see in the pictures above ..I'll try anything once ..~cough~In a week or so I'll invite all tthe merchants to see it and give feedback This time these principals are ..

No store should be more than 15 m from the landing and all either facing the Map or Landing. Exposure must come first..At the moment everyone loads textures from 1000 tiny pictures on vendors.

The design is going to be far simpler and smaller and hopefully very easy to understand.I admit the design of gh6 confused so many people although when I built it it really didn't feel complex. The Map will be directly beneath the landing so closer and easier to find.

The facing stores will all be autonomous. ( x 28 ) . This means you take over the space for a set price and you are free to sub let any of the space within or subdivide.

The texture loading will be severely restricted by the design. Your store sign will be clearly visible from most places in the hub but not all your vendors thus reducing texture lag considerably .

I'm adding more recruitment advertising. The demand is still greater than I can provide at GH6

The map is going to be replaced by a smaller square one. Sadly the round one disadvantages Torvaland as it's squeezed by the distortion. Added to that many have told me the old one was better. It was a nice idea but made very few northern friends. I'll replace all the landmarks with a new script which was donated to the Hub by a very generous scriptor.
I'm going the pack the new hub and rez it all at once so it should take about an hour to replace. Expect this to happen some time at the beginning of April

Friday, 27 February 2009


Human problems always multiply to fill the space provided for them... I wonder how much we allow ourselves to simply become a container for our own troubles.. or even other peoples; when really we should bar the doors have a party.

hmm..... Jerry Springer eat your heart out X

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Slow down

The gridwide lag is seriously ruining my plans. I know the lag is gridwide as I'm trying to build on an empty sim but it's near impossible now. Added to that Fabi can no longer get to the hub to do updates or anything else. I've received IM's from two other people unable to get there too so It's not just me. I hope this gets fixed fast but as if that wasn't bad enough my time online will be severely limited as of today.

"You need help Fabi"

I did get help with the map.. the girl who was very good set up a system for adding landmarks and I set up a payment system for her...unfortunately she left 6 weeks ago. Now I get all the application forms with a complaint she hasn't done it and could I do it instead but quickly. I ended the application form system 6 weeks ago and I'm STILL getting them.

The moral of this tale ..Almost everyone offers help but only 1% ever turns up the next day.. I've literally spent hours and hours and hours discussing how people will do a job for me only to find nothing happens the next day...and of the 1% ? .. The help they generally give though great short term leaves me with an even worse mess after a month when they.."need to attend to other things"

My short term helpers I've found do jobs do them very well and I'm very grateful but putting anyone in charge of anything at the hub has always created more work. I don't blame anyone for leaving.. How I've survived myself so long I'll never know.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Anyone notice the visitor counter go past 200000 ? ..That figure just doesn't seem real does it ..the real figure is actually higher but still. I accidentally deleted the counter when I reworked the landing and had to dig it out of the bin. oopsie.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Man needs help.!

A man came to me today desperate and very angry. Apparently all Goreans at the hub have been very busy using 'RP' as a cover for forcing men and women into real life slavery (because that's what all Goreans do he says, I've been playing SL Gor for 2 years and nobody has even asked me for my number..pfft ) . Knowing this he's extremely concerned that you don't do this to his wife who he's desperate to find. He couldn't tell me her username but thinks she's headed into Gor and has come to tell her she must not take orders from anyone and is free to do as she likes. I must admit to being a little confused when he eventually told me she does actually live in the same house as him and he might leave her if she doesn't do as he says if he ever finds her.
Please ..If you are engaged in forcing women into RL slavery at the hub please realise that this is strictly against the Hubs ethos and possibly the T' and C's of SL. To date I've never caught anyone at the hub doing anything remotely like this but apparently he caught at least 5 people doing precisely this yesterday. Sadly he couldn't remember their names.
I believe we're the last chance he has since to Lindens told him to 'go away'.
So please keep an eye out for a woman /girl who going under an unspecified name who looks as if she might be about to be forced into RL slavery while living with her husband. If you do you must make it clear that her husband will leave her if any Gorean Master/Mistress comes to the house for purposes of roll play enslavement which apparently is illegal in the states even between consenting adults.

You may think I'm making this up,.. but I'm not..

Just for the record.

Although I mentioned the banning of Gor in SL in the same post as the Gor Grid post this was in passing. I discussed this weeks ago with some very senior people not involved in the Gor Grid and the consensus was that this is entirely possible.

The Gor grid was just a project I was asked to help start up. I am not being paid for it and have no vested interest in it's success apart from I wish it well. I find it really insulting that people have so stupidly suggested that I would welcome the utter destruction of all my own work in SL over the last two years. I've done nothing but try to help SL Gor and now I gave 2 days to the Gor Grid and people are suggesting I'm trying to destroy SL Gor ?

I utterly dread going back as Fabi now. I know I'll face the usual long line of requests but since I was told of the high level of support for a notice in the Gor Sim admin group saying what a bitch I am.. Who do I help now ? Who do I devote my free time to helping knowing that really behind my back so many despise me. Am I right to feel used now ? I got a complaint yesterday that the map was shoddy and why wasn't I sorting out 'Their' landmarks. "It's not good enough !"....After spending so much time and money on the recent update that did feel a bit ungrateful. I feel such an outsider and unwelcome after that.

I started the hub to help new people find good information on Gor and find all the sims not just the famous ones and give the smaller ones greater exposure. Some people even think I do it for money. If I'd continued with my stores I'd have made far more money and still had friends and I'd have time to RP. I'm torn between the half who love me and the half who despise me. Do I keep it open for the people who'd miss it or in defiance of people who think they could fill the hole it would leave. Gor has so many people who destroy great sims thinking they could do better only to find they can't and slink away.

People looking at the hub now forget that it took me 7 months of hard work to get the traffic to 3k yes THREE k ! .I danced around the day it hit that ! 10 months to persuade people advertising was actually worth trying for Gor sims and a month to gather all the info for 'newbies' when I started.

So Mina,.. thanks for the support and careless consideration. Assumptions ? how quick you were with yours * sigh*

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Gor Grid

I've put a few days in helping to set up the market and welcome center to the new 'Gor Grid' . This is an independent grid dedicated to Gor RP.

It looks entirely possible that the Lindens will ban Gor from SL in the near future. If the teen grid really is combined with the main grid as proposed then Gor will be one of the first go. If this happens expect there to be a stampede into these grids.

It's worth all merchants making at least a foothold in both these grids .Be warned though, the owners of the 'True Gor ' grid don't like merchants who just want to make money. If you are not a Gorean lifstyler you won't be welcome as a few merchants have already found out. The owner is a very nice Guy who believes all members should give their time and efforts for the love of Gor.It's a beautiful ideal and I wish him well but this might prove a death nell for many Gorean merchants. The Gor grid on the other hand is going to leave the market to it's own devices as in SL but contained on a single market sim to separate it from the RP.

If you want to set up a stall in the Gor Grid for a month or two free just join and let me know where you want your stall. This is pure speculation. It might work it might not. but can any of us afford to wait and see ?

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Giving away Poop.

All of a sudden Market owners think giving away endless freebies is a way to increase traffic. just for the record freebies DO NOT increase the kind of traffic that your merchants want. Good freebies are fine to a point but bad ones simply make your market look a bit crappy and ultimately damage the profitability of all merchants and markets.

But since everyone else is giving away a load of poop I'm giving away a free poo shooter to make use of it :) .. you can use it in the new arena..

Stall 84

Yes I know it's empty .. 4 people a day tell me it is. The person renting it says they still want to keep it so for now it's empty until she decides to use it ..

I'm getting increasingly frustrated by how many people despite seeing that the market is full insist on IM'ing me to ask 'is there any space ? ' Fielding the barrage of requests for ad boards and stalls that don't exist is now taking up to an hour a day of my time and starting get really depressing.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The new landing...again

I'll get it right one day. The rearrangement was to correct the dispersion and to bring the book back into center stage at the hub.. people in a 'dark space' naturally migrate to a dark floor and this was causing congestion in certain places.