Monday, 15 December 2008

Advertising at the hub: Rules

Simple rules for advertising at the Gor Hub:

1, The advertising MUST relate to a Gorean theme. ( not much point in it not being really )

2, Commercial advertising is allowed but only one per store and you must be selling goods of interest to Goreans.

3. No advertising for so called 'Kajira' escorts or BDSM slave auctions. The Hub is a resource for Gorean rollplay. Most Goreans are insulted by the cynical use of the word 'Gor' to attract customers looking for sex. A practice which in most cases does nothing for peoples idea of what Gor RP is.

I'll refund anyone who uses the boards for inappropriate use.

Pricing for boards will remain at 175 L$ around the landing.. I've seen 600L$ charged for boards in places with not even 1/2 the Hubs traffic. I actually found the average was 200 L$ a week and thought that was too much ..silly me

IMPORTANT !!.. If you pay accidentally for a board already rented by somebody else I CANNOT refund you. ( Why ? because there is no way i can say for certain you aren't an alt of the person who's renting it.... )

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